3 Reasons to Join a Virtual Startup Accelerator

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3 min readJul 30, 2021

By Tyreece Yearwood

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At SuperCharger Ventures, we know just how essential it is that our clients understand the value of virtual startup accelerators. From networking and building connections to receiving detailed feedback, there are many different ways that virtual startup accelerators benefit companies. Since the start of the global pandemic, many accelerators have completely transitioned to a virtual space. Many accelerators are experimenting with virtual interactions, given that society is evolving alongside the advancement of technology.

Here at SuperCharger Ventures, we acknowledge that both startups and accelerators invest so much personal time and effort to find the best match that suits their business goals. As we are in the process of starting our third cohort, we have recognised the huge impact that virtual accelerators have on EdTech startups. Due to the fact that SuperCharger Ventures was founded during the height of the pandemic, we have also seen firsthand how a virtual space generates the growth of startup companies.

Why join a startup accelerator?

Generally speaking, startup accelerators are known for their ability to accelerate the process of scaling ventures. Startup founders learn years’ worth of experience in a short period of a few months. One of the primary objectives of startup accelerators is for founders to become immersed in an intense learning environment which can also increase their visibility to the likes of investors.

3 benefits of joining a virtual accelerator

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  1. Transcends a physical space

Traditionally speaking, the value of physical space has always been imperative to creating an effective startup accelerator program. This is because a deep relationship between accelerators and startup founders can be established face to face, where teams can connect on a more personal level. However, at SuperCharger Ventures, we recognise that a virtual space can create more networking opportunities for founders that would otherwise not be possible. We believe that a virtual space can have more significance than a physical office space, given that accelerators can become more flexible and work around the schedules of startups.

2. Creates a strong network of founders

One of the most attractive benefits of joining a virtual accelerator is that it helps to produce a strong bond between cohort members. This is because the businesses that join accelerators are typically in similar industries and similar stages of evolution. Additionally, startups are able to share valuable information with their peers. From hiring strategies to revamping sales processes, founders are supported every step of the way.

3. Global nature

Virtual accelerators have an advantage over in-person accelerator programs given that startups can join accelerators from anywhere in the world. Startup companies are able to gain more exposure and opportunities from having a worldwide selection of accelerators to join. Virtual spaces facilitate a sense of universality and community, which helps startups to become better connected within their respective industries. At SuperCharger Ventures, we are well aware of how crucial it is to expand our reach and connect with companies from around the world. A prime example of this is our current EdTech Accelerator Cohort 2.0. Our startups are based in a variety of locations from Europe to Asia.

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