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By Tyreece Yearwood

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In this blog, we discuss the criteria that we use to score startups in order to find the best match for us here at SuperCharger Ventures. If you are interested in applying to our EdTech Accelerator Cohort 3.0, applications are open until 30th July.

Here at SuperCharger Ventures, we understand the importance of scoring startup companies. The process of scoring startups can be made much more effective by implementing criteria or a checklist for potential startups.

SuperCharger Ventures is dedicated to scoring startups that best meet our values and our goals. This is why we always use a set of criteria to determine the right startups for our EdTech accelerator cohorts.

5 criteria for scoring startups

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  1. Team

One of the most vital elements we consider when scoring startups is the experience of the team. What are the professional and academic backgrounds of the founders and the rest of the team? Which industries have they worked in? What are their future plans?

2. Product

The quality of the product is another important factor to consider when evaluating different startup companies. What products or services do they offer? How effective is the product in terms of usage? How much revenue do they receive? It is necessary to ask these questions so that we can gauge whether the product or service a startup provides aligns with our own goals.

3. Traction

Observing how audiences engage with potential startups is a must. For this reason, it is easy to gauge how much momentum, recognition and media mention a company receives. Looking at social media pages such as LinkedIn is a great way to determine how much traction a startup receives.

4. Market

One of the best ways to score startups is to look at the market that potential clients appeal to. Do they provide solutions to a niche market or a mass market? What is their primary demographic? Who benefits from their products or services? These questions are all crucial to deciding which startups best suit us here at SuperCharger Ventures.

5. Gut feeling

At SuperCharger Ventures, we stand by listening to what our instincts tell us. When we believe that a leading individual or a team can offer that special something, it makes taking a startup onboard a seamless process. Although a gut feeling is personal and subjective, it is important to always listen to it.

The above criteria brings us one step closer to scoring startups that we trust and have confidence in.

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