“ Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle, It Is Not Just Another Job” ; Interview with Elena Ibáñez, Founder at Singularity Experts

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This is part of the EdTech Female Founder (#EFF) interview series brought to you by SuperCharger Ventures.

What inspired you to start your EdTech Founder journey?

The possibility of working on what I am passionate about while helping others.

Describe your company in one sentence.

Singularity Experts was born with the purpose of helping all those people who do not know what to study or in what to work, confused by the speed of technology and the atomization of education.

What should an aspiring EdTech founder know before initiating their startup journey?

First, that it is a long road, with ups and downs, and that it is necessary to have a lot of confidence and a lot of resilience. Second, that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, it is not just another job but a way of life that requires an almost constant connection. Third, that the economic part can generate anguish, and that this must be managed well. Finally and fourth, enjoy the road: undertaking is complicating life but it only compensates when one is able to enjoy the adventure.

What has been the most difficult moment as a founder and how did you overcome it?

Having to fire valid people due to the Covid crisis. The only way to fit it in is by learning that this is part of being an entrepreneur.

What can the EdTech industry do to improve the gender gap?

Without a doubt, be pedagogical, give an example and visibility to women who dare.

Can you tell us about a role model of yours?

Verónica Pascual for her leadership at ASTI Robotics.

Can you tell us an example of when you had to pivot?

When the covid came we had to open the market and pivot the product a little to SaaS.

What will you consider as success in 5 years from now?

Having become the benchmark in academic-professional guidance in Spain and Latam.

Looking back, what advice would you have liked to have received before starting your company?

Spend less.

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We are an EdTech accelerator with a track record of helping 49+ startups across the globe raise $500M+.

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