Is LATAM The New EdTech ‘El Dorado’?

Is LATAM The New EdTech ‘El Dorado’?
Y Combinator EdTech Startups in Summer Cohort 2021
  1. Limited access to quality education. In many countries, educational government programs are underfunded and tend to lack resources, teachers, and equipment to really complete what is defined as “quality primary and secondary education”. Furthermore, elements like transportation and access to the internet also play a big role.

In the mean time, SuperCharger Ventures has identified a series of Latin American founders striving to capture the growing market opportunity that is edtech. These include;

Anabella Laya, founder at Acreditta 🇨🇴

A company that helps organizations, educational institutions, and professional associations recognize the achievements, competencies, and knowledge of their employees through their digital accreditation solution.

Adriana Caballero, founder at Yeira E-Learning 🇲🇽

Yeira offers a powerful platform to create mixed content with learning analytics in real-time. Their learning experience platform is ready to be used for course management, certifications, and specialized e-learning course creation.

Carolina Arce, founder at uPlanner🇨🇱

Their goal is to promote efficient management for educational institutions through database solutions that positively impact each member of the academic community and generate substantial input in the formation of future professionals.

Giovanna Carbajal Morris, founder at MAGIO🇵🇪

Magio is a consulting agency focused on educational innovation. They support educational institutions with their adaptation into the e-learning space by supporting their course digitization, developing their virtual campus, course portfolio, training, and more.

Monica Ramos, founder at MUSA🇵🇪

Musa is a mobile microlearning solution that uses a chatbot powered by AI through WhatsApp to deliver learning paths to the end-users anytime from wherever they are. Their solution uses a microlearning methodology that when combined with an extensively used app like WhatsApp, helps reach and engage learners at scale.



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