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3 min readMar 9, 2022

SuperCharger Ventures EdTech Female Founders Initiative One Year Anniversary

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🗓️ 1 Year

A year ago, SuperCharger Ventures launched the EdTech Female Founders (EFF for short) initiative. Something that started as a one-off way to commemorate International Women’s Day quickly became one of our favorite passion projects and most successful marketing campaign to date.

The purpose of this initiative is to showcase incredible EdTech female founders from across the globe and their exceptional participation in the digital learning industry. We want our community to be able to participate in this movement which is why it was essential to open the door and receive nominations from the public.

Click here to nominate an #EFF

If we can takeaway one thing from this campaign is the tremendous need to support more female led enterprises. According to reimagine education, 60% of teachers in the UK are women but only 20% of Edtech startups are founded by them. Furthermore, 91% of finance is going to companies with no women in the founding team.

Although we have seen improvements when it comes to gender equality in the tech space, there is still a long way to go which is why #EFF has become such a big part of SuperCharger Ventures.

Note from campaign lead Gabriela Zedán:

In 2022, we are keen on taking this campaign to the next level which is why we decided to partner with the European EdTech Alliance and put together the Female EdTech Fellowship — Europe programme. The purpose of this is to support the growth of the most promising female founders in the European region. Our current cohort is made up of 14 outstanding founders revolutionizing the edtech space. Our fellowship is dedicated to women ready to help each other and benefit from the collective knowledge & intelligence to scale and solve business issues.

It’s been a year and we have no plans to slow down!

If you would like to get involved, please contact our Marketing Associate and EFF Campaign Lead Gabriela Zedán:

To nominate someone to be part of the EdTech Female Founders list, visit:

Check out out EFF reading list here



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